Stay at Wildhorse and Ski at Steamboat—The Ins and Outs of Colorado Skiing

In a previous post, we mentioned and briefly discussed Wildhorse Meadows and the convenience afforded by Homestead. Our favorite, U.S.-based “Wildhorse,” Wildhorse Meadows is currently the only residential resort master-planned community to have its own private gondola connecting residents directly to the Steamboat Ski Area—the perfect combination of optimal convenience and maximum privacy. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of these condos for a weekend of skiing, you’ll have a few decisions to make before the trip: Do I want to rent skis? Should I buy my lift tickets at the window? Are there any other nearby resorts to take advantage of? Vacation planning, especially when it involves skiing, is notoriously tricky. We’re here to make the process easier.


Renting vs. Bringing

Every person heading out on a ski vacation must face this essential question: Should I rent, or should I bring my own? In most cases, the answer will depend on your vacation destination. If you’re flying to Colorado, renting may be the more convenient and affordable option. A rental calculator will provide a price estimate around which you can budget the rest of your trip, allowing you to know exactly how much money you’ll spend for the convenience of not having to bring your own skis. If, however, you’re simply driving a few hours to your nearest resort, bringing your own is the most cost-effective option. Investing in a roof-top ski rack can save money and space. Plus, you’ll have the comfort of skiing in your own equipment.


Strategically Purchasing Your Lift Ticket

There are several ways to save money on lift ticket prices. At Steamboat, for example, you can save up to 15% on lift tickets if you purchase them online at least seven days in advance. Additionally, purchasing a three-day pass is less expensive than purchasing three one-day passes during the week. Keep an eye out for lift ticket specials on Steamboat and other Colorado resort lift tickets as the ski season draws closer.


Should I Spend My Whole Vacation at One Mountain?

The answer to this question is completely up to you and your level of adventurousness. If you’ve rented a condo at Wildhorse, you’ve likely done so for the convenience. If you choose to spend your whole week skiing at Steamboat, we don’t blame you; the combination of convenience and excellent skiing would make anyone ski the same mountain for a few days. If you’re interested in setting out to find a new mountain after a few days, there are several resorts in the area.  Beaver Creek and Breckenridge are just around an hour’s drive away. However, we should note that buying a week-long pass at Steamboat will be less expensive than jumping from mountain to mountain. If budget is your primary concern, staying at Steamboat is the way to go.

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